Environmental Engineer

Newton, MA 02459

Deadline Open until filled    |     Full-time, Exempt   |     67,394 – $70,477    |    Public Works

Job Description

Responsible for implementing and monitoring all phases of the NPDES General Permit for Storm Water Discharges for Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (Small MS4 Permit).  Responsible for implementation of the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) program; training of Department of Public Works staff and engineering inspectors on erosion control and pollution prevention; developing education programs, a stormwater newsletter and web page.  Coordinates public education and community outreach events to support the goals outlined in the NPDES Small MS4 Permit.  Prepares quarterly progress and annual progress reports on the NPDES Small MS4 Permit to the EPA and DEP.  Prepares quarterly progress and annual reports on the Lower Charles River Basin IDDE program to the EPA.  Acts as a liaison between inter-departmental divisions to achieve compliance with the NPDES Storm Water Permit, stormwater ordinance, and addresses other storm water and flood related issues as the need arises. Reviews site plans and permits for compliance with stormwater regulations and all City engineering regulations.

Also monitors the City’s stormwater control structures in conjunction with the Utilities Division of the Department of Public Works and assists with the storm water or environmental aspects of in-house design projects.  Maintains records and updates the database of the City’s storm water infrastructure.  Performs an annual assessment and recommends infrastructure improvements projects. Performs all other related or similar work as required.

Provides support to the Director of Sustainable Materials Management overseeing the post closure monitoring of the City’s landfill site, tracking releases of hazardous materials as reported to the City, and responding to emergency releases of hazardous wastes.

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