About Us

The Norfolk-Bristol-Middlesex Association has been active for 60 years.

This organization was founded by Charles Lacerda, Somerset Superintendent of Streets, and Charles Robinson, Franklin Highway Surveyor, as the Norfolk-Bristol Highway Association. Membership was originally limited to municipal officials from those two Massachusetts counties with associate memberships available to other highway officials and vendor representatives.

In the early 1960’s NB officers opened its ranks up to the Middlesex County municipal officials, and the name was changed to Norfolk-Bristol-Middlesex Highway Association. The addition of Middlesex Country officials more than doubled the representation to 102 communities, and the NBM membership has been growing steadily since that time.

The stated purposes of the NBM Highway Association are “to advance the theory and practice of the design, construction, maintenance, administration and operation of the street and highway systems included within the boundaries of the Association; the dissemination of information and promotion improved practices in highway administration, the encouragement of highway officials to adhere to a high professional standard; the professional and social improvement of its members, and the passage of legislation for the benefit of the profession and members of the Association.

Incorporated as a non-profit organization, NBM Highway Association includes as members, public works, and highway officials in the three counties and offers associate memberships to engineers, contractors and vendors who have propriety interests in public works and highway issues.

The group also helps young people wishing to pursue “public works” studies through a number of scholarships. These include an NBM Scholarship and a scholarship financed by Robert Benard of C.N. Wood Co. Also, funds are raised for these scholarships through the annual Jean Henebury Golf Tournament which is held each year for this very worthy cause.

Other NBM awards include the Carmelo Award for Vendor of the Year, named for Carmelo Insalaca, a longtime NBM member and salesman for Dyar Sales & Machinery for many years; and the J. Francis Granger Award, presented annually to a Highway official or outstanding public works service. Francis F. Graner was Highway Superintendent for the City of Marlboro for many years and longtime secretary of the Association. In addition, Special Service Awards are periodically given to members who render outstanding service to the organization.